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Local dessert shop owner heartbroken after vandal shatters storefront glass

Posted at 9:19 PM, Dec 08, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY — Owners and employees of a downtown dessert shop are heartbroken after someone shattered the glass storefront of their café.

Doki Doki Dessert Café is known for its brilliantly-decorated crepe cakes, fish-shaped taiyaki waffles, and adorable crème puffs.

The front window of the Japanese-inspired restaurant is currently boarded up with a giant piece of wood after someone threw a rock early Wednesday morning.

In an Instagram story, the owner called it a “senseless act of destruction.”

“They heard a really loud crash and the glass literally splattered all the way over to the back,” explained employee Madi Brown.

“It’s just sad that there are people that want to do this to a local business,” said Celeste de la Valentina, a customer. “I was not planning to come today but I heard what happened so I wanted to support them.”

Although the crime took place on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Salt Lake City police tell FOX 13 News that there is no indication the Japanese-inspired dessert café was targeted.