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Local paramedic heading back to Ukraine for medical mission

Posted at 8:44 PM, Dec 18, 2022

WEBER COUNTY, Utah — After returning from her first volunteer mission in Ukraine earlier this year, Courtney Pollock knew she would be back.

“It was a lot better and a lot worse than what I was expecting," Pollock told FOX 13 News in July. “I saw some lives being completely destroyed. I also saw a lot of people continuing on with their day-to-day life as if nothing was going on, and then the air sirens start going off and everything changes.”

Since her return, Pollock has been working as a paramedic with the Weber Fire District, but she’ll be heading back to Ukraine at the end of December for a month-long volunteer medical mission.

“They are still in desperate need of any help that we’re willing to give, so yeah, it’s time again,” Pollock said Sunday. “I’m just thankful. I’m glad that I’m capable of doing this and that I get the opportunity to go and help, and it feels very right for me. It’s a calling for me, and it’s absolutely a passion.”

Pollock is thankful to her colleagues at Weber Fire District for their support and willingness to cover her shifts while she’s overseas. She’ll be volunteering with Global Outreach Doctors and plans to take more supplies for the upcoming mission.

“I am bringing a lot of equipment such as body armor, helmet, cold weather gear, large duffle bags and things that I plan to leave in the country,” she said. “I’m collecting donations so I can purchase the proper plates and helmet, as well as some of the extra clothing that I’m going to need and one of those really, really big duffle bags.”

Anyone who would like to donate to Pollock's cause can do so on her GoFundMe campaign.