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Logan couple creates garden tribute to honor Ukraine

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jul 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 20:17:26-04

LOGAN, Utah — A Logan couple is sharing the message, "where flowers bloom, so does hope" with a garden tribute dedicated to Ukraine.

Bruce Bugbee and Diana West know a lot about flowers, and they're using their knowledge to spread a message that reaches beyond the backyard.

"We just wanted to create a tribute to the Ukrainian people for the horror that they're experiencing in their country right now," the couple said.

Each flower in their garden represents the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

"There's so little we feel we can do to be helpful from our end," they said. "We've tried to do what we can but we hope it's just a reminder that it's important to think about those of us who are in need and who are experiencing trauma and need our help and hopefully doing what we can to reach out."

Garden visitors can head over to a wood box where they can get a ribbon and find a spot in the garden to tie a bow. Bugbee and West explained it gives people the opportunity to send a wish or a prayer to Ukraine.

The impact of the garden is certainly being felt by guests who stop to admire the garden's beauty.

"It's just such a beautiful experience," said Karen Mclaws. "I'm so grateful that this lovely couple is willing to share this with everyone and make it available for us to enjoy."

But behind the flowers is a reminder for visitors to find beauty in their everyday lives.

"Anything that we can do to add to that beauty to create beauty for other people to enjoy," Mclaws said. "I think we would be more at peace with ourselves and with each other if we were creating beautiful experiences for each other to enjoy."