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Logan police assigning officers to stop campaign sign stealing

Posted at 2:50 PM, Oct 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-12 16:50:36-04

LOGAN, Utah — While it seems that stealing campaign signs is currently America's biggest pastime, local police are warning residents that it's illegal and they're out looking for those who break the law.

The Logan City Police Department used social media Monday to spread the word about staying away from other people's private property, even if you don't like the candidate they support.

Besides the warning, the department says it will be assigning extra duty officers to watch for sign stealers and "address these issues."

"We have seen an increase lately in theft of political signs, flags, and other items from yards of private residences." the department wrote on Facebook. "We would like to remind citizens these items are allowed on private property and it is against the law to damage or take them."

The department added that they encourage all opinions and the free speech protection of the First Amendment.