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Police: Man chasing ex-girlfriend causes crashes on Timpanogos Hwy.

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Posted at 9:17 AM, Nov 18, 2021

HIGHLAND, Utah — A man chasing his ex-girlfriend caused vehicle crashes on Timpanogos Highway, according to court documents.

According to a police statement, officers were dispatched to an address in Highland, Utah on Sunday, Nov. 14 about a disturbance. It was reported that the victim’s ex-partner had hit the victims vehicle.

The officer said he spoke to the victim who also had a child in the vehicle. The victim and the child were driving to American Fork Canyon when the victim's ex-partner Miguel Gaytan-Rodrigues began following the victim. The officer said the victim and child both said that Gaytan-Rodrigues had followed them and had caused multiple accidents while on Timpanogos Hwy.

The victim and the child said that while southbound on North County Blvd. Rodrigues swerved into their lane causing another accident. Both vehicles were stopped when they said Gaytan-Rodrigues got out of his vehicle, and opened the driver door of the victim's vehicle, and started punching the child who was in the passenger seat.

The victim said, Gaytan-Rodrigues and the child exchanged punches while Gaytan-Rodrigues was physically on top of the victim who was in the driver seat.

After the altercation Gaytan-Rodrigues then drove away, the victim said. The officer said he saw that the front passenger side of the victim's vehicle was damaged, and that the child had a fist size bruise below his right eye.

The officer said when Gaytan-Rodrigues was interviewed after he was given miranda rights he admitted to his erratic driving and the alleged assault of the child.

The officer filed charges against Gaytan-Rodrigues for one count of Child Abuse (76-5-109). A class A misdemeanor.

The officer also filed charges of Unlawful Detainment (76-5-304), Reckless Driving (41-6a-528), and Failure to Remain at the Scene of an Accident (41-6a-401).