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Marina algae treatments start at Utah Lake

Posted at 8:17 AM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 10:17:37-04

LINCOLN BEACH, Utah — The Utah Lake Commission and partners are pilot-testing two different treatments for algae at Utah Lake.

Lindon Marina and Lincoln Beach marina will both undergo treatments this summer. Both locations will be accessible for recreation use and the difference in water quality will be noticeable.

“We wanted to pilot-test these treatments for two reasons,” said Utah Lake Commission Executive Director Eric Ellis, “First, we wanted to implement some short term solutions while the long term ideas are being researched as a part of the Utah Lake Water Quality Study. Second, most algae treatments have been done on a scale much smaller than Utah Lake, we want to see how it works here.”

Funding for these treatments was secured through a legislative appropriation in 2019 as a part of the ongoing water quality study. Successful treatments this summer could lead to further interest in using targeted treatments at areas shown to be prone to algae blooms.

Treatment began this week at Lincoln Beach. An airboat is used to distribute the treatment evenly across the surface of the marina. A safety barrier will be temporarily installed at the mouth of the marina to reduce exchange of water with the lake, but boating access will still be fully open.

Lindon Marina will also be treated, using a different technology similar to Lincoln Beach. The operator is excited to see the results.

“We are excited to have a treatment tested at our marina, With all of the swimming, kayaking and other activities that take place in our harbor, it is the perfect place to try out this technology,” said Lindon Marina operator Ron Madson, “Algae has really hurt visitation in the past and we look forward to an algae-free summer.”

Although algae monitoring at lakes across the state has been canceled, there are still ways to be informed. Marinas, public and private, at Utah Lake have educational signage that has photos of what to look for to recognize algae, recommendations for safety and contact information for more resources. “Utah Lake is raising the bar in protecting and enhancing water quality for water bodies across Utah, adds Ellis, “We care about protecting Utah Lake for current and future generations.”

Fore more information about the pilot-testing of algae treatments, click here.