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Meet the duo responsible for capturing stunning Utah views!

Posted at 8:29 AM, Jun 25, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — You may not be familiar with their faces, but you have probably seen the work of Scott Taylor and Chris Williams, who travel around Utah and capture breathtaking views.

This dynamic duo is fondly known at FOX 13 News for their epic drone footage and photos that showcase Utah's splendor.

FOX 13 News caught up with the pair, getting them in front of the camera for once.

Taylor and Williams met through work, becoming coworkers and later, adventure buddies. When Williams retired, the two continued to explore Utah's vast beauty.

"There's so many places that are inspiring to go to and social media helps with a lot of that because you see things that you've never seen before," Williams reflected.

In the video below, watch gorgeous footage captured by Chris Williams in Provo Canyon and Deer Creek Reservoir

Chris williams video

In the last month alone, Taylor and Williams have explored Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Bridal Veil Falls, Echo Reservoir, the Devil's Slide in Morgan Canyon, Antelope Island and MORE.

"You're above what most people see ground level, where the drone can get up...400 feet and see stuff you can't see with the camera," Taylor explained.

Where is Taylor's favorite Utah location to explore? It's too hard to choose one.

"Great Salt Lake sunsets never cease to amaze me," he wrote in a message. "Dead Horse Point, and Monument Valley rank up there. My favorite drive and place to shoot is The Monte Cristo Scenic Highway east of Huntsville Utah."

When fall colors start popping, that's when Taylor says the views are truly unlike anything else.

"The fall colors are amazing...anywhere in Utah in the Fall is pretty spectacular!! Especially from the air," he wrote.

After returning from their adventures, Taylor and Williams don't keep their postcard-perfect views to themselves, sharing with others in Utah's Weather Authority Facebook group.

Watch a stunning sunset captured by Scott Taylor at the Great Salt Lake

scott taylor sunset

But it takes some coordination and careful observance of the rules to capture Utah's stunning sights safely.

Williams and Taylor specialize in drone photography and videography and they're well-aware of the regulations.

"Keeping it within line of sight, keeping it within the 400-foot height limit is challenging because sometimes with a waterfall you might have to go higher to get to that waterfall," Taylor explained.

"You have to be careful flying sideways because you can hit trees," Williams added. "You do have sensors on your drones but there's always those chances that you could land your drone in a tree or a telephone pole, and we've done that you just learn."

While they love to explore together, they also have to be conscious of each other's space.

"As I fly over I want to make sure I'm high enough not to hit any trees or know where Scott is while I'm flying so I don't run into him," Williams said.

These drone enthusiasts say a decent piece of equipment will cost you about $500, but the views are worth it.

See more of their work and keep up with their latest adventures by joining FOX 13's Utah's Weather Authority Facebook Group.