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Microburst sweeps through Spanish Fork, leaving downed trees and damage

Posted at 9:00 PM, Jul 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-14 00:20:32-04

SPANISH FORK, Utah — Families in Spanish Fork are cleaning up after a microburst swept through town, knocking over trees, causing power line issues, and damaging yards.

Video shows intense rain and wind that suddenly crashed in. Trees toppled, and trampolines went flying.

Dale Cook said the storm flipped over the carport-sized shed in his backyard that he's had secured in place by concrete for 20 years. The large shed toppled into his neighbor's yard, taking out the fence. Cook hooked up his truck to the upside-down shed with chains, to drag it back onto his property.

Shelley and Tim Keeton said the microburst only last a few minutes, but it was enough to split a large tree in their backyard in half.

"All of a sudden, some rain started coming down, so I hurried and went inside, and we turned around and it was that fast that all the wind just came in. And we saw the leaves flying," Shelley recounted. "And it was that fast that the whole branch just went down. I was yelling for him."

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Tim said he ran upstairs to find a huge part of the tree on the ground on top of their daughter Moxley's playset, and part of their fence blown out by the wind.

Luckily, the couple explained, damage was minimal, and they expect to be able to clean everything up themselves with the help of family.

Fox 13 spoke to several people who saw and experienced damage, and no one reported injuries. Most people were inside because of the storm.

There were reports of downed power lines, however, crews were no longer working in the area of those reports by Tuesday evening.