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Middle schooler becomes entrepreneur; begins selling ‘courage shoes’

Posted at 8:55 PM, Jan 07, 2021

HYRUM, Utah — Seventh Grader Evalyn Eddington sits at her kitchen table painting white shoes. She is working on another order of “courage shoes." These ones are rainbow.

Over the summer, Eddington was preparing to start middle school and went shopping for some new shoes.

“I couldn’t find anything I liked at the store, so I decided to paint some,” she said.

She painted them with rainbow colors and was ready to start the school year.

Eddington found herself in the classroom of Joslyn Heiniger, or Mrs. Heiniger as the students call her. Mrs. Heiniger teaches a class on college and career awareness at South Cache Middle School.

In class, the students learned about starting a business and how to become an entrepreneur.

“Evalyn started staying after class and she’s like, ‘well I make these shoes’,” Heiniger said.

As Eddington’s idea took off and transformed into a business, Heiniger said it was humbling as a teacher to watch.

“She was taking those things that we were learning in class, that most kids just remember for an assessment, right like I have to do this for a test or for an assignment but Evalyn was taking it outside the classroom and she was applying it in reach life and I think that is what every teacher wants to see happen,” she said.

Eddington credits her teacher with helping her form the idea of becoming a young entrepreneur.

“I’m not even sure I would have started a business if I didn’t have her class,” she said.

The shoes are hand painted and include some with notes of bravery and encouragement.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone, and I was thinking that people needed to be cheered up,” she said.

After asking and asking, Eddington convinced her mom to post about the shoes on social media to see if anyone wanted some.

“I went off to play with my friends for an hour hoping I would get an order by the next day but when I get back an hour later there is like seven orders and I’m just like what?,” the middle schooler said with excitement.

Each pair of shoes is designed by Eddington and orders include uplifting quotes and a letter from Eddington.

“I have noticed I feel better the days I paint shoes than the days I don’t,” she said.

So far, Eddington has sold around 100 pairs of shoes.

"Creativity helps people be brave," Eddington said.

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