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'Misfits Market' reducing waste, saving money, and supplying jobs in Utah

Posted at 5:55 PM, Nov 17, 2021

WEST JORDAN, Utah — The Beehive state is now home to a major online grocer’s latest state-of-the-art fulfillment center and their concept is unique.

“If you’ve ever had a garden, what we sell here is what you’re growing in your garden. We rescue food,” said Alex Stuart, Director of Operations at Misfits Market Salt Lake City Fulfillment Center.

We’ve all heard the old adage; one man’s trash is another’s treasure. At Misfits Market, imperfect produce is getting a new purpose.

Stuart says he initially was shocked how normal this ‘misfit’ produce appeared.

“I started up the facility here in Utah about a year ago, and I was walking up and down the line looking at the produce. I was thinking, did we get an incorrect shipment? And they were like oh no, this is what’s rejected by grocery. I was blown away,” he said.

Around 40 percent of organic produce goes directly to the landfill because it doesn’t meet size or shape requirements of a traditional grocer.

That’s where the idea for Misfits Market was born, and why today they’ve shipped over 15 million boxes to people’s doorsteps nationwide.

“We’re such a major hub for traffic, for growth, for population growth, and having a business like this here, it fits in well with Utah values,” said Stuart.

The grand opening of the new fulfillment center is giving people in West Jordan more opportunities.

“This is bringing lots of jobs to West Jordan, and the part I like about that is people in West Jordan don’t have to leave the city to go to work, that reduces traffic and air pollution,” said Dirk Burton, Mayor of West Jordan.

Right now, there are about 200 employees working at the new fulfillment center, but they expect around 800 people to be on site within the next eight months. They’re in the process of building another warehouse across the street to keep up with the expansion.