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More than $40k in tires stolen from Green River shop

Posted at 7:36 AM, Aug 14, 2023

GREEN RIVER, Utah — A tire shop in Green River is pleading for the public's help to identify the thieves that stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of semi-truck tires.

Kade Hall, a mechanic at Tushar Mountain Services said their two locations in Green River and Beaver have been targeted and the break-in are devastating.

The incident happened on August 4, although the memory is still fresh in Hall's mind.

"We realized the entire chain and lock was missing," he remembered, "And all of a sudden it dawned on us that a lot more was missing."

Semi-truck tires can range from around $400 to $800 per tire. The thieves took forty to fifty tires, meaning the shop lost about $40,000 in product.

"That’s just an estimate," Hall said. "I think it might even be more than that."

Surveillance photos show a dark-colored truck in the area at the time of the burglary and a trailer with a unique logo on the back of it.


Tushar Mountain Services has a sister store in Beaver that was also hit by thieves just a few weeks before their Green River location became a victim.

But another peculiar aspect of the situation is that only a certain type of tire was stolen and the thieves didn't bother to take any of the more expensive tires.

"Mainly stayed at one size," Hall remarked. "Same with the other shop, too. Low-pro 22.5 inch 295 75/22 fives."

The incident cuts a little deeper because business has been a little slow lately, Hall said.

"When we do actually get someone to come in or go out on the road for somebody, there’s a chance now we might not have a tire in stock to actually get them," Hall said.

Now the Emery County Sheriff's Office is investigating and Hall hopes someone will recognize the getaway car with a unique logo on the back of it.

If you have any information that may be helpful in the investigation, call officials at 435-381-2404.