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2 motorcyclists dead after accidents in Ogden, Spanish Fork

Posted at 12:59 PM, Jul 01, 2023

SPANISH FORK, Utah — Two motorcyclists were killed in crashes Saturday on Utah highways.

The first happened around 1 a.m. when a rider crashed on I-15 near 21st Street in Ogden. Utah Highway Patrol officials said they heard from witnesses that the motorcycle hit the median barrier on the left side of the freeway while heading south. The rider was thrown from the bike over into the northbound lanes, where he was hit by multiple vehicles. UHP said they received reports that the victim was speeding at up to 100 mph.

Another motorcyclist died after a crash on Highway 6 in Spanish Fork. According to a press release from Spanish Fork Police, the incident happened around noon when a 34-year-old man driving a motorcycle was headed eastbound on Highway 6 near 450 North.

Witnesses told police he made a quick lane change, clipping the rear end of a pickup truck, and crossing over into the westbound lane, where he was hit by one vehicle and sent into another. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neither of the victims' names have been released.

"We have an issue with motorcycles right now," UHP Sgt. Derrick Gallegos said. "It's been going on for several years, but this year it's getting a lot of attention of just how fast some of these bikes are going... We just urge the motorcycle riders to maintain their speed and be as safe as possible. Wear protective gear, helmets."