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Murder suspect lists home involved in investigation for sale

Posted at 10:20 PM, Feb 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-20 00:20:27-05

SALT LAKE CITY — The man accused of killing University of Utah student MacKenzie Lueck in June of 2019, has put his home up for sale.

The Fairpark neighborhood home served as the epicenter for the horrific case. It’s where investigators allege homeowner Ayoola Ajayi burned Lueck’s body after he killed her.

For neighbors, the home will always bring up horrific memories.

“Every time I come by, you can’t help but remember what happened there,” said Scot Barraclough, who lives two doors down from Ajayi’s home. “There’s a black mark in your mind when you look at the house, that kind of just reminds you that something horrible happened.”

He and other neighbors watched last June as Salt Lake City Police roped off the home, and searched every inch of Ajayi’s property.

Charging documents explain detectives found human tissue and belongings linked to Lueck in a burn pit in the backyard. Her charred remains were later recovered in Logan Canyon, documents state, based on cell phone data pulled from Ajayi’s phone.

Ajayi went to jail, and has since been charged with other crimes, including sex abuse and kidnapping, and possession of child pornography.

Barraclough said the house sat empty for months.

“The friend of AJ’s told us that she had rented it, the day before they were moving in,” Barraclough said. He indicated that Ajayi’s friend is managing the property for the jailed homeowner.

He said the neighbors moved in, in November.

The new tenant, who is from out-of-state, told Fox 13 he’s renting the home from someone who is managing the property for Ayoola Ajayi.

He said it was disclosed to him what had allegedly happened in the home.

This week, the home was listed for sale.

“I was really surprised that it was for sale,” Barraclough said. “Because I was under the understanding that they wanted to keep it rented, to make funds to help pay the defense.”

The listing online shows Ajayi is asking $349,000 for the 1,862 square foot home.

“Investment opportunity,” the description reads. “Cutest house on the block.”

The listing agent declined to comment.

“I just hope somebody will come and buy it,” Barraclough said.

Even if the home is now a painful reminder for neighbors, Barraclough expressed he hopes the next owner will take care of the home and become invested in the neighborhood.

He indicated that time and cosmetic updates could make a difference. So could seeing someone else take ownership of the home—Barraclough said perhaps a young family.

“Some new life, some positive energy and positive activity going on there,” he said. “That would make a change.”