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Murray teen with Down syndrome shines on the dance floor

Posted at 10:34 PM, May 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 15:51:59-04

MURRAY, Utah — A teen with Down syndrome is dancing in the spotlight.

14-year-old Bree Cox recently earned a spot on the Murray High School drill team.

Bree grew up watching her sisters dance and always dreamed of dancing at football games.

“When she saw her sisters on the football field or at drill competitions, she assumed she would be part of that,” said Kecia Cox, Bree’s mom.

Bree trained with her sister who is a junior on the team. After a three-day tryout, Bree learned she made the cut.

A video of Bree sharing the news with her father has been watched hundreds of thousands of times on social media.

In the video, Bree is crying tears of joy.

WATCH: Murray teen with Down syndrome emotional after making drill team

The moment stirs emotion in every member of her family. They believe this is about more than earning a place on the team.

“A group of people actually saw my daughter,” Kecia said while holding back tears. “Someone saw her and gave her the opportunity that she wanted because she worked for it and she is capable.

“It’s special for her to be a part of the team,” added Adrie Cox, Bree’s sister. “It’s what she deserves like any other girl her age.”

This position on the team was not a handout. Bree’s coach says she earned this spot.

“She worked hard,” said Keylee Mundee, the head coach of the Murray High drill team. “She got better every day and she got her goal.”

This summer will see Bree and the team practicing for hours as they prepare to perform at competitions and at football games in the fall.

Bree, who likes hip hop dancing the most, is ready for the challenge.

With each dance step she takes, she is showing no dream is out of reach.

“They are going to push her because they know what we know, that she can do hard things,” Kecia said.