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Mystery swirls around 'very old' human bones found in Logan

Posted at 12:32 PM, Jun 14, 2024

LOGAN, Utah — A mysterious discovery of bones in Logan has locals theorizing about who they could belong to.

Logan Police officials told FOX 13 News a crew was out digging and working on a roundabout in the area of 1000 North 1200 East on Wednesday morning when they unearthed something alarming.


Although the cemetery is nearby, it was undoubtedly still alarming to find the bones outside the gates.

Once they realized their discovery, the workers stopped to alert authorities, who then took over the scene to further investigate.

Experts unearthed the bones and reported that they belonged to an adult male. Although the exact age of the bones has not yet been discovered, officials said they are "very old."

Images from the Cache Valley Daily show investigators and construction workers carefully sorting through the soil, looking for pieces of bone.


As final DNA results and other tests are completed, locals are guessing who they could belong to, with some saying the bones were found in a burial plot from the 1800s.

An official with the Logan Police Department told FOX 13 News that some residents think the bones are those of Charles Augustus Benson, an alleged murderer from the 1800s who was lynched by an angry mob.

Many questions swirl around Benson, who was accused of shooting and killing David Crockett, the nephew of Sheriff Alvin Crocket, an excerpt from "A History of Cache County" states in part.

After allegedly shooting Crockett, Benson hid for several days before trying to make his escape from the town, the history recalls. He was caught and taken to jail, however, angry residents turned into a mob, broke into the cell and killed Benson, hanging him over the Cache County courthouse signpost.

Logan Police told FOX 13 News that rumor has it, Benson was buried in his mother's backyard but may have been dug up and moved closer to the cemetery, in the area where the bones were found.

Benson was the son of Ezra T. Benson, an early-day Apostle for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who served in the 1800s.

Officials confirmed more tests and research is being done to determine the age of the bones as well as who they belong to.