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Navajo recording artist from Utah blends past and present in music and dance

Posted at 10:33 PM, Nov 11, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY — Ahead of a special powwow planned for the Utah Celebration Center Friday night, a charismatic Utah woman who goes by the stage name Honey shared her love of dance.

“I dance for those that are sick, those that are well, those that are having a rough day,” said Honey.

Honey is of Navajo descent, and teaches traditional dance to students in the Granite School District through the Little Feathers Program, and to children at the Urban Indian Center in Salt Lake City.

“These dancers are kids that I’ve watched grow up. I’m excited to watch them share their story,” said Honey.

Sharing her own story is something Honey strives to do in many artistic mediums.

She’s an up-and-coming Hip Hop and R & B singer who writes her own songs and creates music videos to help promote them.

“I’m able to share a message. A little bit about myself and a little bit about my people,” said Honey.

Her videos frequently include visual references to her Navajo heritage.

“My history is going forward with me. I’m able to show that it is okay that we are still here as natives,” said Honey.

You can learn more about Honey’s recording career and upcoming performances here.