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Neighbors describe shootout that killed Ogden police officer

Posted at 10:58 PM, May 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-29 01:24:13-04

Frightened neighbors watched a police shootout unfold Thursday in Ogden, that killed an Ogden Police officer, injured an Adult Probation and Parole officer and ended with the suspect dead.

For people at home around lunchtime, the sudden succession of shots echoed through the streets out of nowhere.

"Heard someone yelling, 'No, no, no!'" Recounted Jeff Goodfellow. "And then you heard probably about 30 to 40 shots, consecutively just go off."

Rachel Barney said she and her daughter also heard the dozens of rounds, and thought at first they might be fireworks.

"And she said, 'Mom, that wasn't fireworks,'" Barney said, of what her daughter saw upon looking out the window. "'There's cops that are yelling at people to get back inside.'"

Staying safely inside at the commands of police, everyone watched out their windows.

"It was just cops all over the place," Barney said. "And they all had their guns out, and they were like jumping the fences."

"They're all popping out with their SWAT gear on, and pulling out their rifles and everything," Goodfellow relayed.

"Everybody running to kind of surround the house," said A.C. Scheer.

Scheer took video from inside his home.

Around that time, neighbors saw Ogden Police officers come out of the chaos, carrying one of their own.

"Saw about five or six officers carrying another officer," Scheer said.

"Carrying by his arms and his pant legs, and he was just covered in blood," Barney said. "It looked like they had set him down on the street and then from there they picked him up and put him in the ambulance."

That officer, the neighborhood would find out, didn't survive.

That suspect, they would also learn, was still inside the home.

They waited on edge, and said this isn't the first time officers have responded to the house.

Barney explained that she saw police respond last time.

"Gentleman was like out on his front step and he was yelling at whoever it was that was in the driveway," She said. "The cops were already there."

This time, the situation ended much differently.

Scheer recorded five children of various ages emerging from inside the home. Officers take them a safe distance away.

About an hour and a half after the shootout, neighbors explained that they heard what sounded to be gunshots.

"You heard about three or four more shots, and then the police yelled 'Clear!'" Goodfellow recounted.

Scheer took video that shows the SWAT team breaking out the windows and yelling inside the home, before finally entering. They discover the suspect dead inside.

It left the people who call the neighborhood home shocked that things ended this way.

"It's scary," Barney said. "And it's sad."