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New development proposed for Point of the Mountain has some Draper residents upset

Posted at 7:12 AM, Nov 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 09:09:14-05

DRAPER, Utah — A new development proposed for Point of the Mountain has some Draper residents upset, saying it will negatively impact the Flight Park State Recreation Area and create massive amounts of traffic and noise for residents.

The development proposed would add a micro hospital and helicopter pad to the area.

The landowner of 166 E. Highland Drive in Draper is requesting the Draper City Council grant rezoning for the land from commercial regional zone to a commercial special district.

This would allow the developer, Wilkinson Capital Partners, to build a medical campus with retail space.

In an October 14th Draper planning committee meeting, the developer said the micro hospital will include a helicopter pad.

In a petition against the new development, people say if the rezoning request is granted, building heights in the area wouldn’t be limited to 45 feet, making way for the 70-foot-tall hospital.

Homeowners say they want transparency and for the council to uphold the current height requirements, as anything over 45 feet would destroy the view for current homeowners and devalue properties.

“Any exception to height regulation here will set a precedent that future developers can rely on, and so that’s what we’re trying to nip in the bud right now,” said Janica Lee, paraglider and hang glider pilot.

Lee says many people also have a problem with the helicopter pad as it will create noise pollution, and the turbulence will basically shut down the flight park.

“The helicopter can come through, land at the pad, but the effects of the turbulence last and drift, that’s why were concerned, they drift back to the flight park,” said Lee.

Lee and others have created the Heli- No campaign to stop this new development and promote development in this area that benefits the entire community. A petition is posted on

The Draper City Council meets Tuesday night at 6:30 and this rezone request is listed on the agenda.

We did reach out to the developer and have yet to hear back.