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Nine abandoned puppies rescued in northern Utah given new lease on life

Posted at 9:34 PM, Jan 19, 2023

LAYTON, Utah — Emily-Ione Kinney, the Education and Training Director at Mountain West Veterinary Specialist in Layton says the eight-week-old puppies, believed to be a cross between husky and border collie were brought in late Tuesday night.

"I saw them the next morning," said Kinney. "Pretty lethargic, Very dehydrated, very malnourished."

Kinney says the puppies were brought in by a good samaritan, named Vance Malan, who found them near Plymouth on a cold, snowy night.

"I know that two or three of them I understand were frozen to the ground and had to be dug out like the ground underneath them had to be dug out to get them off the ground," said Kinney.

Kinney isn't sure how long the puppies could have been outside, fending for themselves.

"It's hard to determine how long they had gone without proper food, and they had been eating rocks and pebbles during that timeframe," said Kinney.

Tarsha Murray with Tiny Paws Rescue in Brigham City says she received a message the night all of the puppies were brought in.

"I saw a box of puppies and someone asking for help," said Murray.

Murray says she got in touch with Mountain West Veterinary Specialists.

She was there Thursday night to pick up the puppies and begin the process of fostering them.

Murray tells FOX 13 News it will take about six to eight weeks to get the puppy's weight up, get them spayed and neutered, and all of their shots before they will be ready to be adopted out.

"We've actually had a lot of people already wanting to adopt and Vance is actually interested in the little runt of the litter," said Murray.

A happy ending for these nine furry little friends, after a not-so-easy journey.

"I'm really happy that this is the end result, this could have been really bad," said Kinney.

For more information on how you can potentially adopt one of these puppies, you can visit the Tiny Paws Rescue Utah Facebook page.