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North Temple area residents frustrated by crime

Posted at 10:12 PM, Aug 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-25 00:12:08-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Residents and small business owners located in the North Temple area of Salt Lake City are fed up with crime and violence plaguing the neighborhood.

“It’s always been a concern. It’s always been difficult, but I would say the last year or longer, it’s been out of control. It’s bad,” said Margie Broschinsky.

Her small business has occupied the same office space on North Temple for 18 years.

The issue of safety is back in the spotlight after a deadly shooting on Saturday outside a Wienerschnitzel.

“How many people need to die before something gets done?” asked Nigel Swaby, a resident of the area for five years. “You wouldn’t be talking to me if someone hadn’t died.”

Both Swaby and Broschinsky believe drug dealers are preying on some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens.

“It’s a criminal problem. There are drug addicts, drug dealers, drug pushers,” Broschinsky said. “As long as the area does not get any priority, it’s going to keep happening.”

Salt Lake City police say North Temple is a focus area where a dedicated bike squad was recently assigned.

A look at the department’s call for service log over the past 48 hours shows how busy officers are in the area.

Crimes like the shooting, drug possession, burglary and assault are just a sampling of the issues being reported.

Police are asking the public to do their part by reporting crimes or suspicious activity.

“If you are continually after something, hopefully it will get better over time,” said SLCPD Sgt. Keith Horrocks. “Where if you ignore it, it may not change and get worse.”

Residents are hoping even more will be done to deal with the crime. They say after months of problems, it is time to take back their streets.

“We can’t get people help until we get the dealers off the street,” Broschinsky said. “We love this area. Rose Park, Fairpark is full of wonderful families and amazing people.”