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Ogden farm provides fresh food, fresh start for homeless community

Posted at 5:21 PM, Nov 07, 2023

OGDEN, Utah — A volunteer-driven farm in Ogden is growing fresh produce to donate to those in need. Grow Ogden is a community farm from EdenStreets that empowers farmers to cultivate individuals as well as food to grow the community.

“I’m excited to feel like we can provide fresh fruits and vegetables for those who may not be able to get it,” said volunteer Kayleigh Davis.

The farm grows all sorts of vegetables and greens thanks to volunteers like Davis.

"I've been gardening with my grandpa since I was little, and honestly, this brings back childhood memories," she said.

Grow Ogden donates the produce to Catholic Community Services, where about 200 people experiencing homelessness, or are those who can’t afford to pay for food, use the pantry.

“It’s a community farm, and because it’s a farm its directed by someone who knows how to grow things, and knows how to grow a lot of it, so that these large amounts of food can actually go to those most in need in our community," said farmer Karl Ebeling.

"Farmer Karl" works with EdenStreets as the organization helps create farms like Grow Ogden with social missions. He rounded up support and volunteers, and has been building this farm since July.

“This land just laid dormant, so all the leaves and the trash and the trees starting growing up through the cracks," he said.

Now, there are boxes with produce growing and rows of cover crops.

“It’s brought a lot of hope in just my life, but i feel like its brought hope in helping our community, helping to know that all of us can provide food and all of us can work hand in hand together to help each other," said Davis who volunteers on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

The farm functions with the simple goal of continuing to help people who are suffering.

“We’re giving them a pathway out of poverty," explained Ebeling. "And we’re using Mother Earth and this power that comes, I call it life force, that comes from the earth to create food, and there's nothing more inherently valuable to each of us than food.”

Ebeling says the goal is to transform the farm into a place where those looking for employment can find work, be paid for their time, take fresh produce home and learn new skills as they start their lives all over again.

Those interested in Grow Ogden can CLICK HERE for more information on how to help and volunteer.