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Ogden mayoral candidates line out policies ahead of general election

Posted at 5:46 PM, Sep 13, 2023

OGDEN, Utah — The two remaining contenders for the mayoral office in Ogden line their policies ahead of the official canvass on September 19.

Candidate and currently Deputy Director for the Sale Lake City Department of Economic Development Taylor Knuth has a policy lined out in three pillars.

“We’re rolling out three major pillars of our Back to the Basics policy agenda," said Knuth. "Community-oriented public safety, environmental sustainability and preservation and people-centered economic development."

He has also worked in various fundraising roles to help non-profits in Ogden.

Candidate and Ogden City Council Member Ben Nadolski says his top priority has always been people, having served in various public service roles in the past.

“We’ve always put people as our top priority,” said Ben Nadolski. “Everything that we think about, in terms of policy priorities, we think about how does it impact and how does it help our people.”

Ogden is a growing city and truly affordable housing is a concern for people who live here. So it’s a top priority for both.

“I think there are opportunities we can look at leasing the land that the RDA owns beneath the homes, to make those homeownership opportunities a little more affordable,” said Nadolski.

Knuth hopes to expand the ‘Own in Ogden’ program, which helped him purchase his first home.

“Our team plans to establish a housing stability division right here in Ogden city," said Knuth. "Dedicated to addressing the displacement and all other emergent housing needs in our city."

Knuth has also stressed the importance of supporting law enforcement.

“Being an officer is a difficult job. And by meshing our police officers even deeper into our community," said Knuth. "We hope to make their work easier and keep our community safer."

Nadolski said he hopes to get officers involved in youth sports – something he has done and found rewarding.

“We elevate the involvement of our officers and our police and firefighters in the lives of our children so that they can build that relationship of trust and we can help raise and mentor the kids that are the future of this community.”

Infrastructure, fostering local economic development, and sustainability were other issues that both candidates addressed.

The official election canvass is on September 19, and that’s when the results will be certified and the top two candidates will formally move to the race for the mayoral seat in the general election, on November 21.