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Ogden officers cleared of wrongdoing in 2019 shooting

Posted at 10:26 PM, Mar 08, 2020

OGDEN, Utah — According to the family of Jovany Mercado, the officers who were involved in his death last year have been cleared of wrongdoing by the Weber County Attorney's Office.

Juan Mercado, The father of Jovany, says that he got a call from police last week.

"A lot of things going through my head in this moment," he said. "I got that phone call from [Detective] Steve Haney saying the case has been closed… The officers are back to work."

It's been about 7 months since the shooting last August, and since then the family has been working with attorney Robert Sykes on the case.

"He wasn’t rushing anybody, he didn’t make any sudden moves," Sykes said.

Robert Sykes has a civil rights lawsuit ready to go, but what is needed before he can move forward is the names of those officers.

A Subpoena was sent last week to the department just before Juan Mercado received that phone call.

"If they object to the subpoena, there's a hearing. I’m sure the judge will side with me," Sykes said. "I’ll get those names. I’ll put them in the complaint."

Juan Mercado says that there have also been strange instances of the police department patrolling close to his home often. He also claims that the original warrant to enter his home contained false information, including saying Mercado has "illegally obtained footage of the event" from his own home security cameras.

Ultimately, his goal is to prevent this from happening again.

"Yes, I already lost my son — there's no way I can get him back. But if I can prevent from this happening again… I will… and I’m trying."

The Weber County Attorney's Office has not yet responded to FOX 13's request made Sunday for documents on the case.