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Park City bans the use of fireworks and open fires

Posted at 9:08 AM, Jul 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-23 09:50:03-04

PARK CITY, Utah — Fireworks will not be permitted in Park City during the Pioneer Days holiday.

Along with fireworks and explosive devices, open fires are prohibited within Park City limits. Residential barbecues and briquettes are the only exceptions.

According to fire code officials, the ban is effective immediately and will stay in place until rescinded.

Violations of these restrictions may result in fines and cost recovery of fire-fighting expenses for negligently started fires.

Fire code official, Dave Thacker, enacted the ban due to the current conditions of hot temperatures, high winds, low humidity and dry vegetation— all of which significantly increase the risk of wildfire and directly threaten the safety of residents and firefighters.

"Over the past several weeks we have been monitoring these conditions and have determined the need to enact an open flame and fireworks ban throughout the city,” Thacker said. "This ban aligns with the Summit County Fire Warden’s open fire and fireworks ban issued on July 20, 2020.”

The Park City Council enacted an ordinance in 2016 giving authority to restrict open sources of ignition and fireworks to the city fire code official based on the ever-changing hazardous environmental conditions.

"It's kind of a bummer but I can also see why, because we’ve had so many fires in the mountains,” Kristin Allen from Sandy.

Some Utahns say that the city's ban was a smart move.

"Masks have to be enforced and with all the things going on in the world why should we have fires? It's dry as can be out here it's like a tinder box, I don’t think right now fireworks are a good thing, I’ve had enough natural disasters this year," said Mike Howard from Hideout, Utah.

There will be consequences for any violations that take place.

"We are going to have police officers on call and available they will be policing the areas and if they do see people violating the ordinance there is a possibility of a class b misdemeanor. It's for their benefit, the information that we are pushing out is really about safety and that is what our bottom line is about it's about keeping our community safe," he said.

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