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Park City unusually quiet after coronavirus outbreak closes resorts, restaurants

Posted at 11:19 PM, Mar 15, 2020

PARK CITY, Utah — Ski resorts all across Utah are suspending their operations over concerns of COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus.

On Sunday, the streets were much more quite than the normal Park City Sunday.

Many tourists and residents remarked that it was “surreal” how quite it was.

Many local businesses are closed all in the wake of the shut downs.

“On Thursday we were just joking around... By now it's become apparent it's a real thing and we’re gonna be shut down for a while,” Tosh Peters of Town Lift Ski Rentals told FOX 13.

That business is one of many shouldering the closures and because of it they are closing weeks and possibly months early.

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But despite the issues they face, Peters kept a good attitude.

"Stick to your love ones… be kind to everyone… and know we’re all gonna get through this," Peters said.

Many people we spoke with in the city also shared sympathy for these businesses.

"I feel bad for these businesses and for all the workers on the mountains because they are going to be impacted… we know that," one person said.

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