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‘People were advising us not to go’: While some cancel trips, ski resorts see more Utahns having ‘staycations’

Posted at 7:25 PM, Mar 11, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — People around the world are canceling trips due to COVID-19. Photos of half-full flights continue to fill social media pages.

On the three flights it took to get to Salt Lake City from Houston, David Bass said his flights were certainly not full.

“The person that came and sat next to me had a mask on. She said she was very concerned,” he said.

Each year, people from across the globe make their way to the Beehive State to ski or snowboard; David and his wife Ehrin are some of those people.

There have been some cancellations, but Alta Ski Area hasn’t taken a big hit, Communications Manager, Andria Huskinson said.

“What we have noticed is people down in the valley, in Salt Lake Valley, are doing staycations. So, they are filling those rooms with the people who canceled,” she said about the lodges in the area.

Alta is taking the Coronavirus seriously and working to educate staff and visitors about things suggested by the CDC, like hand washing.

“We are telling employees to wash their hands and be really careful. If you have flu-like symptoms, don’t come to work,” Huskinson said.

While people had advised the Bass’ to cancel their trip, they never considered it.

“It’s our first trip without our baby and so we knew grandma wasn’t going to let us cancel,” Ehrin said.

Ski season is planned to continue at least through mid-April.