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Pineview Reservoir sees near-drowning, boat vs. paddleboarder collision over weekend

Posted at 9:32 PM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-19 00:36:24-04

HUNTSVILLE, Utah — If you plan on heading out on the water to stay cool, make sure you’re being smart for the sake of your safety and others.

Record-breaking temperatures drew large crowds to Pineview Reservoir over the weekend. A few visitors even had to go to the hospital.

“I’m just a little traumatized. A lot of traumatized, to be honest,” said Paige.

Paige is an Ogden woman who was at Pineview Reservoir on Saturday. She’s currently recovering from a concussion after she was hit by a boat while paddleboarding.

“I honestly just thought I was going to drown and die with my dog,” she said. “I was pretty scared.”

She said she and her sister were floating near the shore of Windsurfer Beach in the no-wake zone.

“The boat was right in front of my face. There wasn’t a way for us to avoid this at all,” she said. “I was throwing up so much water, I genuinely thought I was not going to be OK.”

The Weber County Sheriff’s Department said as of now, those on the boat that hit her are not facing any charges or citations.

“We followed the rules, we were doing everything we were supposed to be doing,” said Paige.

Lake-goers told FOX 13 News that they’ve noticed a change in safety at Pineview.

“We don’t come here very often just because things do get a little bit rowdy out here,” said Bridget Romney.

On Sunday, a Salt Lake City couple also found themselves in a scary position.

“Pretty scary, pretty challenging,” said Beau Bennett.

Anna and Beau Bennet had to jump in near Anderson Cove and help two kids and two adults.

“I sprinted out into the water and I started swimming over to him and I just realized he couldn’t swim either,” said Anna. “I grabbed on to him, and I grabbed on to the kid, so I had both of them in my hands at the same time.”

Anna is a nursing school student and was able to assist until first responders arrived.

The Weber County Sheriff’s Department said medics took one man to the hospital to be treated for exhaustion and water intake.

The Bennetts are asking anyone who plans on visiting the reservoirs this week to stay hydrated, be prepared, and avoid putting yourself and others in dangerous situations.