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Pleasant Grove hiker fighting for her life after being hit by falling rock

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 00:09:50-04

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — A Utah woman continues to recover in the hospital after a rock hit her in the head while she was hiking on the Timpanogos Cave trail earlier this month.

Julie Hunter Ferry is a mother of six children. She is described as someone who has spent most of her life taking care of everyone else.

Kind words like these are echoed by her close friend, Heather Jensen.

"She's intelligent. She is a go-getter," said Jensen. "She finds ways to serve and build each one of her children on an individual level, and her family is her world."

Friends and family say Ferry is also passionate about hiking. Her family told FOX 13 News that she loved to hike Timpanogos Cave Trail two to three times a week with her friends.

On June 2, her friend Kate Plewe joined Ferry, Jensen and the rest of the group on the hike for the first time.

"We were probably 40 minutes into our hike up the trail and just barely around the corner from reaching the mouth of the cave," said Plewe.

Jensen said she was leading the pack, with Ferry right behind her.

"I felt something kind of go behind me and thought I almost got hit. I can't believe that I almost got hit," said Jensen.

It was at that moment, Jensen said, that she turned around to find that Ferry had been hit by a falling rock.

"It was like a bullet just struck her head," she said. "There was no way for her to get out of the way.

With nursing and medical backgrounds, both Jensen and Plewe stayed and tended to Ferry after what they are calling a freak accident. The other two women in their group went to get help.

Ferry was flown to the hospital by a medical helicopter.

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Her husband of 30 years, Chet Ferry, says she has spent time in a medically induced coma over the past 11 days.

He says his wife is now stable and sleeping.

"We're grateful that she is stable right now, but every day we don't know. It's just, she's fighting for her life every moment," said Jensen.

Now, both family and friends continue to pray for a miracle and that Julie will recover.

"We believe in miracles for sure, they've already started, and we believe in hoping for them," said Plewe.

Chet told FOX 13 News that he credits Jensen and others with saving his wife's life.

As Julie continues to recover in the hospital, the family has set up a GoFundMe campaign that can be found here.