Police investigating homicide in Roy; suspect in custody

Posted at 8:50 AM, Apr 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-16 10:04:39-04

ROY, Utah — A homicide investigation is underway in Roy Thursday morning.

Since Wednesday afternoon, police have focused their investigation on a home where they believe the homicide occurred before the body was moved to an Ogden parking lot.

"We are investigating a homicide that we do believe occurred here. And, again, the body was moved to another location. And we're working with that particular agency as well as the homicide task force in determining what occurred, where it occurred and build a timeline," said Sgt. Matthew Gwynn, Roy Police.

Investigators believe the victim, 38-year-old Steve Bailey, was shot to death at the Roy home Saturday. The body was discovered Tuesday and initially reported as a case of cardiac arrest.

"When the initial dispatch came in as cardiac arrest because the person found a deceased body. So that’s just how it was dispatched," Gwynn explained. "They followed up on that cardiac arrest, they respond to the scene and while they’re there, that’s when they were able to determine that it’s actually, potentially a homicide.”

Gwynn identified the suspect as Daniel Johnson, age 48.

Tanner Hillman, a neighbor and friend of Johnson's, was shocked to hear of Johnson's arrest. She spoke with FOX 13 about spending time with Johnson on the day after the alleged homicide.

"The next day, Daniel comes over and we're hanging out. I mean, nothing... like nothing out of the ordinary, no question about the sound. No nothing. We didn't even think about it until the police came up last night and asked us if we heard anything on Saturday. And we were like, 'That's that night we heard the big clash'," Hillman said.

Johnson was arrested Wednesday and has been booked into the Weber County Jail.

Police believe the incident was isolated and there is no threat to the public.