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Police shoot burglary suspect in West Valley City

Posted at 6:17 AM, May 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-10 14:06:04-04

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — An investigation is underway after an officer-involved shooting in West Valley City early Monday morning.

It happened around 1:30 a.m. near 4800 W and Huntington St. (3855 S).

"I was dead asleep at 1:30 in the morning and five gunshots like rapid succession just 'Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam'," said Greg Brockman, who lives in the neighborhood. "It’s a pretty peaceful street. Just crazy we’ve never really had much in the way of break-ins or anything like that."

According to police, neighbors called 911 to report a man wielding a metal object was causing property damage and possibly trying to break into homes.

Police later determined the metal object was a crowbar.

"We had several officers show up on scene, encountered the male at some point who, like I said, had a metal object. They attempted to use some less-lethal force that was not successful and then, ultimately, shots were fired," said Lt. Levi Lloyd, WVCPD.

The suspect went to a local hospital for emergency surgery to treat the gunshot wound. His name and condition were not immediately known, but his injuries are non-life-threatening.

The officer who fired the weapon is on administrative leave, and the Unified Police Department will investigate the shooting, per a protocol that requires an investigation by an outside agency when an officer opens fire.