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Post-holiday travelers stranded in SLC due to cancellations, delays

Posted at 9:44 PM, Dec 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-28 23:44:28-05

SALT LAKE CITY — Long lines, delays and cancellations have caused folks to wait inside the airport for hours Tuesday.

Flight Aware reports there were 35 cancellations and 328 delays by Tuesday evening.

SkyWest delayed 146 of their flights and Delta delayed 130 flights through the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Thirteen-year-old Yoni Shaveoskli and his family from Boston were one of the many, crossing fingers their flight wouldn’t be canceled again.

“We had a cancelled flight yesterday that got delayed twice, so we had to spend the night again in Deer Valley,” said Shaveoskli.

The Shaveosklis' flight with Jet Blue was canceled and they rebooked with Delta, only to learn their new flight was delayed.

“You get pretty bored and hot, and you just want to be back home,” said Shaveoskli.

Leo and Claudia Andrade from Montana have also had a long wait.

The couple arrived at the Missoula Montana Airport at four in the morning, only to be told their flight with Delta was delayed for the next eight hours.

“it wasn’t because of the weather that our flight got delayed,” said Claudia.

The Andrades were told their flight crew had just finished working the maximum amount of hours legally allowed and could not fly another plane until they rested.

“We had to wait for them to go and sleep before they could send out this other plane,” said Claudia.

For Will Pollock and his dad, their United Airlines flight to Denver has been delayed three hours.

“It’s not too stressful because we don’t need to be back by a certain time, but kind of annoying because we have to wait,” said Pollock.

Others stuck at the airport for long delays decided to play the piano and entertain.

Aldo Quevedo, from Texas, noticed an excellent pianist playing and thought it was a paid professional until he saw the bags of luggage awaiting nearby.

“Every time he finished playing, we’d clap for him and everyone around was very involved,” said Quevedo. “It was a cool uniting moment for everyone.”