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Pothole reveals 50-foot deep well in Bountiful neighborhood

Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 24, 2023

BOUNTIFUL, Utah — It was a bizarre sight to see in one Bountiful neighborhood Friday morning when what neighbors thought was a small pothole revealed a 50-foot deep historic well.

“There’s a massive hole in the ground. We’ve walked over it a million times, and one day it finally collapsed," said TJ Polster, who lives on 300 West where it happened.

A garbage truck driver drove over the area and uncovered the piece of history from what was a brickyard decades ago.

“I mean, it took something quite heavy to break through the asphalt, but it was easily large enough for a person to fall into it," said neighbor Harmony Ferrill. "It was spooky for sure.”

The sight even shocked Bountiful streets and sanitation crews.

“We don’t get this every day. That’s a good thing," said Bountiful Streets and Sanitation director Charles Benson. "We've had little holes but to see one 50 feet down, that's a little eye-opening."

It took three cement trucks to fill the well.

People in the neighborhood were relieved but left wondering what other mysteries lie beneath the concrete.

“Can guarantee you’re gonna find bricks in this soil around this area," said Polster.

“There was no like reinforcement covering it," said Ferrill, "So it makes me a little worried about what other structures are hidden underneath that may surprise us in the future."