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Protestors gather in support of law enforcement after Salt Lake Tribune publishes political cartoon

Posted at 9:13 PM, Sep 03, 2020

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — Supporters of law enforcement gathered outside the Salt Lake Tribune printing press Thursday after the publishing of a controversial political cartoon.

“It felt like a punch to the gut. It was so offensive,” said rally organizer Skye Christensen.

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The political cartoon shows a law enforcement officer looking over his x-ray with a doctor. At the base of his spine, an image of a hooded KKK clansman. The doctor tells the officer, “Well there’s your problem.”

"That is a symbol of oppression and it is a racist symbol. The fact that he put that in his cartoon and Salt Lake Tribune decided to run it is, in my opinion, the most open and blatantly racist thing I’ve seen a media group do,” said James Sullivan.

In a statement, editorial page editor George Pyle wrote, “one of the most important issues facing our nation today is the fact that some elements of our nation’s law enforcement community have been infiltrated by white supremacists.”

“Issuing a statement that the Tribune issued like that, is only going to fan the flames and cause a lot more hate and violence and divide in the country,” said Shannon Macinnes.

The Tribune has not apologized and the cartoon remains online.

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