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'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' stars sue each other over disputed beauty treatments

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
Posted at 3:59 PM, Nov 10, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — Two castmates on the "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" are currently suing each other over the payments, or lack thereof, for beauty treatments that one cast member claims were botched.

Heather Gay and Monica Garcia, listed as Fowler in court documents, are the two cast members entangled in the legal dispute.

Beauty Lab and Laser LLC, co-owned by Gay, filed a lawsuit in August alleging a breach of contract for the failure to complete payments for cosmetic injection services by Garcia.

Garcia responded by filing a countersuit in September, alleging the services were 'negligent' and she did not owe the remaining payments.

The contract from Dec. 10, 2019, states Garcia would pay $449 upfront for a series of "cosmetic injections" and pay the total $2,449 at a later date. In the original complaint, Garcia is alleged to have "failed to make any other payments that were due" under the agreement after that initial payment.

Garcia admitted in her countersuit that no further payments were made, saying the appearance of her nose after the injections was "diminished, not improved." Similar allegations for injections for the lip were also made.

Garcia later had these services provided by Beauty Lab "repaired" by another medical provider, whose incurred costs were greater than the amounts claimed by Beauty Lab.

Garcia is seeking $50,000 in damages, according to the countersuit.