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Riverton police investigate crash on Mountain View Corridor that killed a juvenile

Posted at 6:30 AM, May 30, 2024

RIVERTON, Utah — A teenage driver was killed during an overnight crash on Mountain View Corridor in Riverton.

While details about the incident that occurred at 12:17 a.m. have been released, investigators confirmed that an unidentified juvenile died at the scene of the crash at the intersection of Mountain View and 13400 South.

"He ran a red light, unfortunately," said Josh Lee with the Riverton Police Department. "He was struck by another driver traveling southbound."

The adult driver was not injured in the accident.

"She was following everything correctly but you have to be aware of what's happening around you," said Lee. "To expect the unexpected, especially in the middle of the night."

"This is one of our hotspots when it comes to accidents. You've got rally high speeds at Mountain View Corridor meeting somewhat slower speeds on 134th," said city councilmember Andy Pierucci.

Pierucci said they're looking for solutions.

"We're looking at doing more speed enforcement, more mitigation to try to help educate the public on ways they can take ownership and responsibility for themselves and help the community be safer," he said.

It's in the works to turn the corridor into something like Bangerter Highway by removing the intersections and making it more like a freeway.

"That's a long-term plan. It's not something we're expecting within the next decade. It's more like 10-15 years," said Pierucci.

Two witnesses told FOX 13 News that the victim was a friend of theirs, but the victim’s identity has not yet been officially announced.