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Roy residents warned of fines or water shut-offs, but system seems all wet

Posted at 8:15 PM, Jul 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-03 00:18:24-04

ROY, Utah — Water restrictions are not unexpected in drought conditions, but some Roy citizens are concerned that the city's water conservancy is sending out warning notices that aren't linked to usage levels.

Customers of Roy Water Conservancy District (District) say that they're receiving notices if they turn on water two days in a row, even if their usage is down.

Roy resident Tony Kent has taken many measures to conserve water, including xeriscaping his yard and using bath water to keep plants alive, as well as overhauling his sprinkler system, but he received a warning that the next action would be a fine, then a water shut-off is his usage continued.

Particularly annoying for him was warning for using one cubic foot to test the sprinklers after they were repaired, but the district claimed it was still two days' usage.

District Manager Rodney Banks wants customers to know they can call and work with his staff if they believe the "water education notices" were sent out unfairly.

A few hundred homes in Roy have water meters that show hourly usage, but some don't have meters, and therefore their water use is not tracked.

Running out of water is a real possibility in areas across Utah, so conservation is needed. Customers should be sure to check with local water districts to help reduce any confusion over whether restrictions are being violated.