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Sacco's owners retire after over 50 years serving Roy

Posted at 5:09 PM, Apr 01, 2022

ROY, Utah — The owners of an iconic produce store in Roy are announcing their retirement as of Friday.

It’s a moment that’s bittersweet for them, as well as the community.

“The sign is… yeah, it’s a landmark,” said Dominic Sacco.

“Everybody sees it from the freeway, so that brings them in,” said Candi Sacco.

You can’t miss their behemoth sign.

Sacco’s has been standing tall in Roy, Utah for over 50 years.

“I mean, we’re like the typical ma and pa business,” said Dominic Sacco.

The Sacco family business was started by Carlo Sacco some 75 years ago.

“He was selling door to door, out of a truck,” said Dominic Sacco.

At just 9 years old, Carlo Sacco toted around a wagon filled with fruits and vegetables.

He sold his produce around Ogden, and even up into Wyoming.

Over the decades, the family business has grown — carrying and prioritizing local produce.

“Pretty much everything that’s local: honey, Storey’s pickles, the spices are a huge hit, and of course the produce because we deal with so many of the local farmers,” Candi said.

But like all good things, Dominic and Candi know their time at Sacco’s has come to an end.

“I want to retire. I’m tired; I want to go fishin’,” said Dominic.

Now that the secret is out, they’ve started to tell their loyal patrons. Dominic says by far, they will miss their customers the most.

“The people — we’ve got a lot of customers. We know them by first name. They come in once a week, faithfully,” he said.

Candi says they want to try new things now that they will have a flexible schedule.

“Never been to Peach Days, or Raspberry Days, or the farmers' market," she said. "We’re excited, we get to do things."

The sign isn’t going anywhere. Candi and Dominic say the new owners agree that the sign will remain, along with the existing building, but they will be making some improvements.

Dominic and Candi’s last day is April 23.

The new owners are farmers and plan to carry the business on.