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Salt Lake City streets filled with people watching solar eclipse

Posted at 7:30 PM, Oct 14, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — People all across Utah got to see the annular solar eclipse create a “ring of fire" Saturday morning. That included hundreds of people who flocked to the streets of downtown Salt Lake City to witness the spectacle.

“That’s once in a lifetime,” said Rain Labon as he watched the eclipse through his sun protection glasses outside the Clark Planetarium. “Bet ya these things are cooler than a pair of Ray-Bans right now!”

People also gathered at the plaza at the Gateway to watch the eclipse.

“We didn’t want to miss it. It’s a once-in-a-blue-moon type situation,” said Melissa and Bella Green. The mother-daughter duo were excited to get the see the eclipse and spend the day together.

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People cheered as the clouds rolled through, revealing the ring of fire created when the moon came between the sun and earth.

“So, right at peak, we were right about 90% of the sun covered, and we just had that really thin ring around the outside. For me, that’s just as pretty almost as the total,” explained Duke Johnson, the director of Clark Planetarium.

“It’s really cool to see something that’s super rare. And having it super close to home, just makes it cool,” said Lance Minson.

People lined up outside Clark Planetarium to pick up their glasses and look at the sky.

“It looks like a gigantic ball of fire. It’s mesmerizing. It’s super, super vivid,” said Labon.

People took pictures of the sun and were in awe of what they were seeing.

“It’s just really cool how the moon goes in front of the sun, and it’s just really exciting,” added Elise Farmer, who watched the eclipse downtown.

“Just to see the excitement in people’s eyes and in their voices. Part of our mission is to inspire people to want to learn more about science, and I think that was accomplished today,” said Johnson.

If you already have your sun protection glasses, hold on to them — because we have another eclipse coming through in April 2024, and you can see it here in Utah!