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Salt Lake County revs up efforts to curb 'smoking'

Smoking car
Posted at 10:40 AM, Nov 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-09 13:03:28-05

SALT LAKE COUNTY — Salt Lake County wants to curb smoking, but its target are vehicles emitting smoke that contribute to air pollution in the area.

Working with Unified, Taylorsville, and West Valley City Police Departments, the county announced a new program, Smoking Vehicle Awareness Week, that will run from Nov. 8-12, 2021.

Smoking vehicles are cars and trucks whose pollution controls have either been damaged or intentionally disabled and belch smoke from their tailpipes.

"Every step we can take to move the needle and improve air quality is critical to forming a new way of life that brings cleaner air for our families to breath,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson.

“Working collaboratively across agencies to get smoking vehicles off our roads in Salt Lake County is another action we must take to achieve this priority.”

The program seeks to create awareness of the smoking vehicle problem, so will issue pamphlets with information about smoking vehicles and how to correct the problem instead of tickets.

Smoking vehicles are major contributors to air pollution, emitting 40 times the particulate matter and 120 times more carbon monoxide than a compliant vehicle.

Those who observes a smoking vehicle can report it to a hotline at 385-468-3837 or on the Salt Lake County Heath website; including license plate information and where the vehicle was seen.

Vehicle owners who are unable to cover the costs of a repair can contact the department's Vehicle Repairand Replacement Assistance Program to receive help with costs or even replace the vehicle entirely for those
that qualify.

“A smoking vehicle isn't just bad for the environment--it's bad for everyone's health as well. Vehicle pollutants can cause cardiovascular disease, asthma or even lung cancer. . ." said Corbin Anderson, Air Quality Bureau Manager.

Law enforcement agencies will be targeting the worst offenders, such as modified diesel pick-up trucks that spew clouds of black smoke known as "coal rolling."

Go here for more information about smoking vehicles in Salt Lake County.