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San Juan Co. Sheriff's Office warns businesses of counterfeit $100 bills

$100 Bill Specimen
Posted at 5:42 AM, Jan 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-06 07:47:25-05

MONTICELLO, Utah — The San Juan County Sheriff's Office is warning business owners about the circulation of counterfeit $100 bills.

"Please be aware of the bills that your business is taking, if possible please use a counterfeit detector pen. Counterfeit bills cannot be accepted at financial institutions," a Facebook post from the Sheriff's Office says.

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Another way to detect fake $100 notes is to become familiar with the security features used on genuine bills, including the security ribbon, watermark and color-shifting ink. Click here for a full list of security features. [PDF]

San Juan County business owners who receive counterfeit bills are urged to contact the Sheriff's Office immediately at 435-587-2237.

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