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Sandy City fire crew goes above and beyond the call of duty

Posted at 12:34 PM, Mar 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 14:34:26-04

SANDY, Utah — A Sandy City woman is thanking the fire department and her neighbors for coming to her husband’s aid after he fell in the yard.

But just making sure he was okay wasn’t enough, and it didn’t end there.

“I got a knock on the door and there were two boys out there and they said ‘your husband’s passed out on the back lawn and we’ve already called 911,’” Dodi Cavaness said.

She was inside her Sandy home while her husband Keith was outside doing the yard work when she got the unexpected visit from her neighbors.

“It was a shock,” said neighbor Nick Misko. “It was terrifying to see someone, I’ve never met him, to see him laying there potentially lifeless was terrifying.”

Keith started having chest pains and collapsed, but luckily the neighbors saw him as he lay in the yard.

“He was coherent at that point but we still wanted to call 911 to make sure that someone could take care of him,” Misko said.

As Dodi rushed outside, the Sandy Fire Department was arriving and checking Keith's vitals.

“He’ll be 83 in a month or so,” she said. “It just scared me because he always does the yard work.”

After deciding that Dodi would drive her husband to the hospital, the fire crew decided to stay and go the extra mile.

“One got that lawnmower back there and one got a lawnmower here and the other one got the trimmers and another one got the blower and blew the grass off,” she said.

The firefighters worked quickly to complete the work Keith didn’t get to finish.

“You know we all know how to mow a lawn,” said Sandy Fire Captain Clint Mckee. “But knowing how to take care of people, that’s our main job, is just to make sure that when we leave that scene that people are happy.”

“It was just, it was out of this world what they did, I mean totally,” Dodi said. It’s something she never expected them to do, but is grateful for their help. “They said ‘ok if you call us next week we’re going to know it’s a set up and you just want us to do your yard work.’”

She’s also grateful to live in a neighborhood with such caring people.

“I think as a community we should all be there for each other,” Misko said. “Anytime we see anyone in need, or need help we should be there because we would want the same for our parents or ourselves.”

Dodi says her husband Keith was in the hospital Wednesday getting some tests done, but she was looking forward to bringing him home.