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Sandy Police release videos from fatal officer-involved shooting

Posted at 5:13 PM, Apr 14, 2023

SANDY, Utah — Sandy Police have released bodycam and dashcam video of an officer-involved shooting that killed 33-year-old Dylan Murphy on March 26.

In the 911 call to police, the caller said: “I’m calling to report an attempted suicide. My brother tried committing suicide earlier tonight.”

“The family was very concerned that Murphy was going to bleed out on the street somewhere and they did not know if he had a weapon or not,” said Sandy Police Chief Greg Severs.

The officer arrived on scene and Murphy was down the road from the officer’s vehicle.

“Hey Dylan, let me see your hands man,” the officer said.

The officer then yelled at Murphy asking to see his hands again, and he then charged at the officer.

Three gunshots can be heard following this moment.

“From the time Mr. Murphy turns to face the officer to the first shot is approximately 7 seconds,” said Chief Severson.

After the first three shots were fired, Murphy stayed standing and then ran at the officer again, who continued to yell ‘Show me your hands."

The officer then fired twice again before Murphy fell to the ground.

The officer told him to lay on his stomach and keep his hands visible, which Murphy did for a short time, before standing up again and running toward the officer a third time.

The officer then fired a final shot and Murphy fell on his back.

“As you can see from the video, this incident escalated extremely quickly,” said Severson.

Chief Severson said another officer was rerouted from a different call for backup, but was quite a ways away.

When asked why the officer on scene didn’t use something like a taser, he said: “Typically during deadly force encounters like this situation, especially with an officer being alone, we do not train our officers to use less lethal munitions while they’re alone.”

Severson did not say whether Murphy was armed or not.

He added that this is just one piece of evidence in an ongoing investigation.

The full videos can be viewed below. (WARNING: Graphic content; may be disturbing to some viewers)

Sandy Police Body Camera 1
Sandy Police Body Camera 2
Sandy Police Body Camera 3