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Ogden High School student expelled for alleged assault that left victim with concussion

Posted at 10:18 PM, May 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-24 18:28:28-04

OGDEN, Utah — A disturbing video from inside an Ogden High School girls' bathroom shows a student attacking another student. The victim’s mom tells FOX 13 News that her daughter was beaten to the point of losing consciousness.

“They just left her and went off running,” she said.

Perla Gonzalez said the alleged bully has been bothering her child all year, claiming she put gum in her hair and made fun of her clothes and language. The bullying escalated last Wednesday and the assault was caught on camera.

She said a group of girls her daughter thought were her friends lured her to the bathroom where another student was waiting.

“She told her that she wanted to talk to her but she didn’t talk. She got close and started hitting her,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said her daughter told her she doesn’t know how long it lasted. She eventually blacked out.

“I think there was another girl hiding in one of the bathroom stalls and she helped her get up,” she said.

The high school junior went to the emergency department at the McKay-Dee Hospital and was treated for a head injury.

“She remembers and cries. I asked her why she’s crying and she doesn’t answer me because she’s a very serious girl," she said. "But I know, I know it’s hurting her."

She said her child is still physically and emotionally recovering.

Now, she’s pleading with parents to step up and teach kids to stand up against bullying.

“[Bullying] has taken the lives of so many children. Children are so vulnerable to bullying, and we as parents are the responsible ones for how we teach our children,” Gonzalez said.

On Tuesday, the Ogden School District gave an update that a student involved in an "altercation" last Wednesday was "removed from school as soon as school personnel became aware of the incident and will not be allowed to return to school for the duration of the school year."

"Appropriate disciplinary and behavior intervention steps in line with the severity of this incident will also continue," the press release continued. "The Ogden Police Department and the Weber County Attorney will oversee the criminal process related to this incident."