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Senior living center goes above and beyond to celebrate Thanksgiving

Posted at 8:53 PM, Nov 25, 2020

SUGARHOUSE, Utah — In a year where no visitors are allowed—other than essential healthcare visits—most assisted living care centers are providing a Thanksgiving meal for their residents for the holiday.

Dave Egbert, the executive director for Legacy Village Senior Living in Sugarhouse, decided he wanted to add something more for his residents to make this year unforgettable.

“Typically, it’s an open building type of situation where we have a big pie social with the families,” said Egbert. “This year it’s obviously different.”

First Egbert and his staffed delivered 10 different types of pie room to room for each of their more than 200 residents.

A week before the big Holiday, Egbert provided a first round of Thanksgiving dinner with another planned for Thanksgiving day.

“We had our management team dress up,“ said Egbert. “Some of our staff members performed music in the hallways.”

Egbert and his administrative staff even performed a nearly 30 minute pageant about the history of Thanksgiving—then broadcast the performance to each resident’s room.

“With our masks on and it being on film they couldn’t quite understand us but they sure laughed,” said Egbert.

Much needed laughter after a hard summer.

The last time Fox 13 spoke to Egbert was at the end of July.

Egbert was living at the facility, twenty-four-seven, to help his employees care for residents.

19 residents and seven employees had tested positive for COVID19 at the time.

At least 20 employees left, either quitting their job or staying home due to health risks.

Since then, Egbert said only two residents have had COVID19.

“We’ve been able to get through this pandemic together and it’s time to celebrate it,” said Egbert.

Celebrating one pie and one pageant at a time.

“Their loved ones are still doing well, they’re still engaging and they’re still able to celebrate the holiday,” said Egbert.