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Sewage contamination, bedbugs led to closure of Midvale assisted living facility

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Posted at 3:36 PM, Feb 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 17:40:31-05

MIDVALE, Utah — A new document from the Salt Lake County Health Department revealed the reasons behind why a Midvale assisted living facility was shut down at the end of January.

Evergreen Place was closed on January 26 due to an "imminent health hazard" and "concerning conditions" within the facility. Sixteen residents, many of which struggle with health and mental health issues, were relocated from the facility immediately.

FOX 13 News obtained the notice that was sent to the owner of the property from the Salt Lake County Health Department, which outlines the unsanitary living conditions that led to the shut down of the facility at 163 East 7800 South

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The notice described that during the investigation, a sewer line backup was observed and three difference occurrences of sewage contaminated the building. Due to the blockage, sewage had saturated walls, ceilings, carpet and concrete flooring in the downstairs rooms and hallways. In three upstairs bedrooms and hallways, sewage contamination was also found.

The kitchen of the facility had still been using sinks while the sewage line was blocked, which resulted in overflowing toilets of wastewater, the notice reports.

In addition to the sewage problems, live and dead bedbugs were found in the facility in "numerous quantities."

The notice detailed that the facility was in violation of three categories of regulation with the Health Department; Housing, Food, General Sanitation. While the Health department technically only regulates the kitchen of the facility, due to the conditions presented, it was deemed an "imminent threat to the public," and officials were able to close the entire facility.

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"These deficiencies render the dwelling unfit for human habitation," the notice reads in part. "The dwelling including the kitchen at Evergreen Place will remain posted 'Closed to Occupancy' until the Health Department confirms that the violations have been corrected."

In order to reopen the facility, multiple corrections and renovations must take place. Flood damage control, pest control, maintenance on plumbing, water and waste pipes, and cleaning interior finishes like walls and floors are among some of the repairs that the facility will need to make in order to be reopened by the Health Department.

In addition to the costs of repairs, the owners of Evergreen Place will be responsible to reimburse the cost of the investigation and response to the situation to the Health Department.