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Signing day for students in class of 2037 prepares kindergartners for new school

Posted at 11:05 AM, May 21, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY — Signing day is an exciting time for student-athletes who commit to a school to play at the college level, but one principal thought her students would benefit from the ritual as well.

But what if the commitment was made by kindergartners?

Whittier Elementary Principal Jennifer Bodell loves sports and her students, so thought having the class of 2037 commit to their school would prepare them for their earliest school experiences.

Brand new school students can be nervous as they enter a classroom for the very first time, so she wanted to devise a fun way to make them more comfortable.

"We have all of the kindergarten teachers here so they get to meet our kindergarten teachers; the more that they can be in our school, the more comfortable they'll be when they start school," said Bodell.

About 40 families participated to hear their child's name called, then have their photo taken as they "signed" their letter of intent for Whittier as their school choice.

"I'm really big into community and anything we can do to bring community together and have the parents feel welcome here is helpful too," said Bodell.
"We did this last year and they loved it. We've had great success."