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Sisters become first females in Utah to earn Eagle Scout rank

Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-14 20:44:44-04

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah — Two sisters from Davis County are the first females in the state of Utah to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

13-year-old Evelyn Mills and 19-year-old Ally Mills are part of the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts. They passed their board reviews at the exact same time earlier in 2021.

“I think it’s better we got to share it,” Ally said. “It would have felt less special to me if it was just one of us, and it was fun being able to experience that together.”

The sisters come from a family where scouting is an important part of life.

“My brothers always did it. I just like doing the adventure,” Evelyn said.

The sisters grew up believing they would never get the chance to earn the honor because scouting was limited to boys.

In 2019, the gender barrier came crashing down when girls were allowed to join Scouts BSA. That is when these sisters set their sights on this goal.

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“Ally started really pushing forward. I was like, I kind of want to get it now,” Evelyn said. “So, then I started going with her and we started working together.”

To earn the rank of Eagle Scout, each participant must earn at least 21 merit badges and complete a service project.

Ally’s Eagle Scout Service Project was focused on LGBTQ+ suicide awareness and prevention. Evelyn’s aimed to help the recovery of monarch butterflies.

While they are the first young women to reach the Eagle rank in Utah, Ally and Evelyn know they won’t be the last.

“I never want any other girl to feel like it’s impossible or they can’t,” Ally said. “It gives girls a sense of empowerment that’s kind of been stolen away from them in the past. I appreciate it’s an opportunity for young girls.”

According to the Crossroads of the West Council, five Utah females are currently Eagle Scouts. Two more are set for their board review.