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Sisters recount finding abandoned Amber Alert baby after Ogden abduction

Posted at 9:59 PM, Nov 04, 2020

PLAIN CITY, Utah — Two Plain City sisters are re-living the moments they discovered the baby abducted in Wednesday's Amber Alert, abandoned miles from where she disappeared.

10-month old Amila Spratley is now home safe with her parents, and a man and woman are in jail potentially facing charges of child kidnapping and auto theft.

It's all thanks to the two women who made it their mission to find her.

Ogden Police said the baby's mother had stepped out of the car and left her daughter inside with an adult passenger. The car was running with keys in the ignition, and the passenger also got out.

Soon after, the car-- and Amila-- went missing, leading to a frantic search and Amber Alert that interrupted phones across northern Utah.
Sisters Tiffany Bingham and Mindy Michelle saw the alerts right away.

"That's a parent's worst fear, to have someone kidnap their baby," Tiffany said. "And so, as I was reading the post, it just broke my heart."

Tiffany described feeling an urge to do something for baby Amila.

"I was explaining to my two-year old son, I said, 'Somebody took this little girl away from her mommy and daddy. And we need to pray to help God help her get back to her family tonight.'"

As Tiffany and her son prayed, Mindy saw a suspicious-looking Acura without a license plate while driving near her home.

"I knew that car was the car. I just knew it," Mindy said.

Mindy guessed that if that was indeed the car, then the people who stole it likely removed the license plates.

"I just knew that if they took the license plate off, they got rid of the baby," she said.

Mindy said she called police and posted about the Acura in a Plain City neighborhood Facebook group.

Tiffany said that right after she and her son said the prayer, she opened her phone and saw her sister's post. Tiffany called Mindy, and found out Mindy decided to take it upon herself to search the area for Amila, with her daughter by her side.

Mindy said she and her daughter drove around, and then walked around-- but found no baby.
Then, she decided to stop and listen.

"I told her, "Let's be quiet, because maybe she's crying, and maybe we can hear her crying in her car seat,'" Mindy recounted, of what she told her daughter. "And as soon I said that, as soon as we went quiet, I heard this baby crying and... I just ran."

At that moment, Tiffany had gone outside and saw Mindy running. She was close behind.

They found baby Amila on a porch three houses down in the rural neighborhood.

"She was perfect, nothing was-- she wasn't harmed," Tiffany said. "She was so happy," Mindy echoed. "I took a selfie with her and I pulled out my phone, and she had obviously been conditioned to take selfies because she turned and went-- like a super happy face. She hadn't been harmed," Tiffany said.

"She was crying, and then as soon as she saw me, she just started laughing," Mindy said.

The sisters again called police, and Amila was re-united with her family.

Tiffany said she knows the baby had divine help, especially because Tiffany described how Amila was dumped on a porch where she may not have been found otherwise.

"The family that lives there is on a hunting trip, they're not in town. They wouldn't have found the child," Tiffany said. "I definitely know that God was in the details."

After the two sisters discovered Amila, Ogden Police said they found the Acura and ended up in a short chase. Two people got out and ran, and police arrested them soon after.

Ogden Police said they arrested 34-year old Angel Jusso and 20-year old Roddy Mike Montes.

Tiffany and Mindy are grateful Amila is back home. Their prayers have been answered, and their hearts are full.

Tiffany said it's incredible that her sister got the prompting, and followed through.

"Not often do you seen an Amber Alert and really make it your job to find that baby. And so, she's really a hero," Tiffany said, of her sister. "And I'm so glad that this little baby was found, and that she's okay."