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Snow is coming to Utah which means good news for many things

Posted at 5:27 PM, Dec 08, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — All of us in the Salt Lake Valley and beyond are looking out towards our beautiful Wasatch range and seeing a hazy orange sky because of bad air quality.

But hope is on the horizon with a winter storm system about to push through bringing some much-needed snow and rain to Utah.

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“Any precipitation right now is great we’ve been extremely dry over the last week or more now; really since the middle of November” David Church of the National Weather service said. “Honestly, that’s a good way to go; every few days get a little refresh of snow there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Along with the inversion season, Utah is facing a tough drought.

“You know this weather pattern it's not going to be drought busting for us,” Church said, adding it would take a lot more to end Utah's drought by saying “not just one storm system, and not even really just one big storm system if we could get that. It's going to take consistent precipitation this winter and really going into next spring”

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But for the industry that relies on the snow the most, this is good news for those many ski resorts in Utah

“I feel very excited about that I don’t need to hedge my response on that, that’s for sure” said Sara Huey, Communications Manager at Solitude Mountain Resort. “Of course, natural is our favorite. There’s nothing like a storm day and every single lap there is fresh snow.”