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Some people could be blocked from purchasing alcohol in Utah

Posted at 2:14 PM, Feb 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-15 16:18:43-05

SALT LAKE CITY — Some people could be blocked from purchasing alcohol at state-run liquor stores in Utah under a bill introduced in the state legislature.

House Bill 325, sponsored by Rep. Steve Eliason, R-Sandy, would create an "Alcohol-Restricted Individual Program" that would prohibit the sale of alcohol to people who either voluntarily sign up or are ordered to by the courts.

Utah's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control would maintain the list and use electronic ID scanning to verify if someone is on the list or not. People can also voluntarily remove themselves from the list or petition a court to do so. The DABC is prohibited from disclosing any information about who would be participating in the program.

The bill appears to be designed to help combat alcohol abuse. Provisions of the bill are tied to substance abuse treatment programs and DUI convictions.

Under Utah's state-controlled liquor program, all alcoholic products (except beer) are sold through DABC stores. Even bars and restaurants must purchase their liquor through the state. The bill appears to apply only to state-run liquor stores.